Technology at the forefront

Formation en e-Learning
Our e-Learning platform is the first platform to be created for other levels than beginner.
Of course our system works with all linguistic areas, and those for beginners. However, it also allows you to work on real situations thanks to our business video series, but also to resources inspired by the news.
It’s been 16 years that this elearning system has been in operation.

Enjoy varied content

  • 3 000 lessons
  • Different exercises: analysis of videos, case analysis, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
  • Simulation of TOEIC test
  • Skills development
  • Custom themes

Updated regulary

  • 40 new topical lessons per week created from the anglophone press: Financial Times Hearld Tribune, The Guardian, Associated Press etc …

Training organization

Nothing could be easier!

  • Our e-Learning platform is accessible 24/7
  • You only need your log in details to get started, so no booking needed!
  • All you need is internet connection, and a PC, and you can access all resources: tutoring, email, chat.
  • You are independent and can track the progress of your journey
  • You also have the opportunity discuss you progress with a trainer