WEmail, our solution by email

Formation par email

Let’s face it! As communication via email has become the predominant mode of communication in the world, it seems only natural to offer a service dedicated to it which also allows you to perfect a foreign language at the same time..

Training aims

  • Practice written English
  • Understand your mistakes

This service can be ordered separately or integrated into a videoconference training formula.
You receive ready to use, corrected emails directly by email and can find the email with corrections on the LMS system.

Three separate services

Your emails

Send us your own emails

  • We formulate a confidentiality contract
  • We correct the email within one hour

Wefit emails


  • A generic email for a certain situation is sent
  • We will send you emails as often as you want
  • We correct answers within 24 hours

Explanation by videoconference

We share the corrected email with explanations by videoconference.

  • So we focus the lesson on your recurring errors

Training organization

The duration of this training is organized according the employee’s wishes. This training is based on two types of courses, namely:

  • The exchange of documents via our platform
  • Accompanied by videoconference to discuss the corrections and / or preparation of presentation (PowerPoint, etc.)