When the distance makes the difference

Training Videoconference

Why choose between flexibility and quality, when you could have both?

Highly qualified teachers, useful content, and uncomplicated organisation of lesson, Video conferencing replicates the face-to-face effect, all while optimizing your time!

Why video conferencing?

  • The ideal trainer for you may not live next door to you.
  • We use a real interactive classroom, which allows us to use all types of multimedia resources.
  • You get optimal organization taking your lessons where you want, when you want, for the duration of your choice!

Our courses are full of different resources!

Our collaborative classroom is accessible from anywhere (office, home, hotel …)
And requires no software installation. You can not only share videos, articles and exercises to complete live, but also your screen, presentations, emails and other personal or professional documents.

We can also share one of our 1000 internally developed resources which cover such subject matter as professional issues or even the fundamentals of a given language.

The room can be divided into up to 7 windows or can be used in a very minimalist way, with one or two windows depending on the needs of the course.
For the oral part, we can contact you via this platform, by phone (landline or mobile) or Skype.

You’ll find the best trainers here

  • Each lesson is led by a qualified and experienced native speakers.
  • All our trainers have at least 5 years experience.
  • Choose from profiles worldwide.
  • Choose a trainer from a specific region or a trainer who also speaks your language. You can have also several trainers to alternate your training programm.
  • To allow you THE best trainer for you, we assess your level and learning profile


Our videoconferencing training, the summary!


  • You can book your lessons anytime between 07:00 and 22:00
  • Last minute and same day lesson booking
  • Lessons can be cancelled up to 6 hours in advance
  • You choose the frequency and duration of your lesson (30, 45, 60, 90 minutes)
  • We do not require a minimum amount of hours
  • We operate worldwide
  • Whether you want a one-off lesson or want to achieve a specific goal, we will meet your expectations

The WEFIT System

Our platform, which will be at your disposal, ensures simplified management:

    • All information related to your training profile

Language level, learning profile, needs, interests, contact information, training program, certificate

    • Your calendar, accessible 24/7

You can manage the book and cancellation of your courses by yourself.

    • Your resource library

Recordings, lesson notes, shared presentation, course registration

The WEFIT Team

From getting used to the system, to the final feedback of your training, our WEFITTEAM will be there for you.

    • A dedicated team based in France, at your service throughout your training program


    • You can contact them Monday to Friday from for 08:00 – 18:00


  • Our team will contact you to enhance your experience (lesson confirmation, advice, monitoring, satisfaction …)